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As many of you know, Auburn School has grown to nearly 800 students over the past few years.  Unfortunately, the one thing that has not grown is the amount of space for incoming and outgoing school traffic.  With this limited space and large student population, we are faced with congested traffic conditions. Some of the things we have changed over the years to promote the safety of all children involve moving the flashing school zone signs to College Street, placing a fence around the playground, practicing two intruder drills per year and opening up the second on-site drop off location at the front of the building.

In an effort to ensure safety for all Auburn students, we ask that you use an on-site location for drop offs.  Our drop off time begins at 7:20 and ends at 7:45 daily on the Hill Street location. We will have the front drop off location open at 7:30 daily.  The front location will have a right turn only exit to College Street from 7:15 AM - 7:45 AM to reduce traffic congestion. Please help us keep your child(ren) safe by using one of the on-site locations for dropping off your child(ren). During drop-off, we unload multiple vehicles at one time.  As soon as your vehicle is along the sidewalk by the school, please have your child exit the vehicle. Do not wait until your child is in front of the door to unload. This allows us to move the car rider line quickly.

We do not allow face-to-face pick-up anywhere on school grounds. Walkers are not dismissed until buses leave. Please do not approach buses or the car rider line area on foot during dismissal.  

In addition, the Auburn Police and residents of Hill Street have asked that we please do not block Hill Street.  With the lack of physical space to hold the traffic volume we have daily, we must use our city streets to access the Hill Street location.  To enter the car rider line, you must turn onto Roosevelt or Peterson streets off Main Street. Roosevelt/Peterson joins Hill St. that leads to the car rider door. You will need to make a right turn to enter the loop on the Hill Street location.  Please do not enter from the College Street side of Hill Street. By not blocking Hill Street, we are enabling our neighbors to easily enter and exit their homes as needed as well as providing emergency services access if ever needed. Turning into the pickup line from the wrong direction will cause you to miss the staff member calling names.  You will be asked to pull around and rejoin the end of the line.  

All afternoon car riders must have a CURRENT school-issued sign visible or student must have a transportation change note from the office. Please keep your tag up until you exit the car rider line. Students will be assigned a pickup number as you enter the line, with a staff member assigned to escort your child to the car. Please do not call your child(ren) over to your car - for safety reasons they must be escorted by an adult. Please do not exit your vehicle. If your child needs assistance with buckling their seat belt, please pull forward and to the side of the line before getting out to buckle them in. No cars will be admitted for pickup onto school property before 2:30 PM unless you have a preschool tag.   If you are blocking the preschool line, you will be asked to exit, drive through Auburn, and return to the end of the car rider line.  

Thank you for your assistance in making Auburn School a safer school for all children and assisting the neighbors of our community